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Koa dresser 2004 and Evan 1999

Koa "Leaf" Vessels, 2007


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(Recently sold, commissions and samples)

prior to 1995

We try our best to keep this page updated and current, but we cannot guarantee that all work shown is currently available as pieces sell on a regular basis.

Updated November 15, 2012


Birdseye Maple Cabinet 2012, with handcarved and koa wood details.


Maple and Koa Wood Sideboard, 2012


Available work - as of November 15, 2012.
Commissions welcome.
Click on images for larger photos and more information. Prices on request.

Birdseye Maple Dresser with Carved and Glass Details

Walnut Rocker

Birdseye maple and koa wood cabinet

Bird In Branches Cabinet, birdseye maple with handcarved and koa details, 2012

Dragonflies and Butterflies Cabinet, birdseye maple with handcarved and koa details, 2012

Cherry Jewelry Box with carved and Glass Details.

Koa and Walnut Box

Ash Jewelry Box with carved and Glass details.


Past Work including recently sold pieces and commissions:

Cabinets and Dressers | Tables | Dining Tables and Sets Chairs | Couches and Benches | Beds | Boxes and Other Work

Cabinets and Dressers
including sideboards, consoles, and tansu.

Walnut and Koa Sideboard, 2012.


Fall Leaf Cabinet

Maple Cabinet with Carved and painted Panels, 2012.

Birdseye Maple and Koa Sdeboard

Raven CabinetWalnut and Koa Cabinet, 2011.

Doors Within Doors Cabinet

Carved Koa Console

Walnut and Koa Cabinet, 2011.

Koa Dresser, 2009

Koa Dresser, 2008

Koa and Maple Dresser, 2008

Koa Sideboard, 2007

Koa Console, 2007

Koa "Mong" Console, 2007

Koa console, 2007

Koa Sideboard, 2005

Sideboard, 2004

Koa Dresser, 2005

Ohia and Koa Sideboard, 2004

Koa Sideboard with Handcarved Panels, 2004

Jewel Sideboard


Dresser, 2004

Step Tansu, 2004
see in progress

Dresser, 2004

Ohia and koa dresser, 2003

Ohia wood console cabinet, 2003

Tables and Desks
including coffee, end, nightstand, writing, and hall. For dining tables see dining sets below.

Koa Coffee Table


Koa / Glass Mosaic Table, 2006

Nightstand, 2004

Koa Small End Table, 2008

Koa Hall Table, 2007

Koa desk, 2007

Koa Large End Table, 2008

Koa End Table, 2005

Robusta Desk, 2007

Koa coffee table, 2007

Koa Hall Table, 2007

Koa Desk with Glass Knobs, 2005

Koa Hall Table, 2005


Sea and Stones Bench, 2004

Koa Small Table, 2005

Koa Coffee Table, 2005

Dining Sets

Koa Dining Set, 2006

Koa Dining Set (4 seat)

Maple and Koa Dining Set, 2006

Koa Dining Set (6 seat)

including rockers, Morris, and barstools. See dining sets above for more chair samples.

Curly Koa Adult Rocker

Koa Morris Chair, 2006

Child's Koa Rocker

Koa barstools, 2006

Koa Rocker, 2007

Curly Koa Rocker 2006

Child's Koa Rocker, 2003

Ohia chair, 200

Koa Rocker, 2004

Couches and Benches

Fish Bench

Koa Settle

Koa "Tidepool" bench

Koa bench 2004

Koa bench with handpainted panel, 2004

Maple and Koa Bench, 2006


Maple and Koa bed

Maple and koa Bed, 2005

Maple bed with carved details, 2003

Boxes and Other Work
including jewelry boxes, planters, and glass mosaic.

Assorted Koa Boxes,
Stacking Jewelry Boxes.

Ohia and koa vessel, 2003

Ridge and Cloud Box, 2003

Glass tile wall mosaic, 2006

Early work prior to 1995

Cherry Nightstand, 1994

Walnut Bench, 1994

Mahogany Tall Desk, 1992

Cherry Trunk, 1991

Cherry Chair, 1989

Cherry Highboy, 1988

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