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Materials and Methods

In building her furniture Hayley Davison utilizes beautiful hardwoods such as maple, walnut and oak along with more exotic species such as Hawaiian koa wood.

Hayley trained at North Bennett Street School in Boston in traditional 17th and 18th century woodworking methods. She combines time-tested traditional joinery such as handcut dovetails and mortise and tenon with the natural beauty of wood to create furniture that will last a lifetime and longer. Her building techniques allow for wood movement- the expansion and contraction that can loosen or even pull apart poorly built joints over time.

To finish her pieces, Hayley often uses a nontoxic and natural oil and wax finish in several handrubbed coats that can take up to two weeks to complete. While not as fast and easy as a sprayed lacquer coat, this traditional wood finish will become more beautiful over time with the occasional application of a little more oil and wax. An additional benefit to this finish is that any future surface damage that might occur is more readily repaired than with a lacquer finish.

During her career, Hayley has made hundreds of pieces of furniture including tables, chairs, beds, dressers, cabinets, chests, and Tansu cabinets, as well as hand-bound books with wood covers, glass tile mosaics, and more.

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Handcut dovetails on dresser drawers.

Applying a final coat of wax over an oil finish.