Welcome to my site

My name is Evan. I'm ten years old.

My first snowman. Colorado, October 2008


I started fishing more in 2008. Here's a small one I recently caught (and released).

The first soccer game of 2008.



We have three dogs, two cats, a parrot, and a java finch. This is Pia, Daisy, and Trixie.


Surfing Kealia in 2007. I'm a pretty good switchfoot.


Dad and I went to the Waikiki Aquarium in 2006



Below is some early work of mine.

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Evan 10/03

Here's some art I did in my early years. The photo with mask is me at four years old. I liked lots of stuff back then- dinosaurs, bugs, peanut butter sandwiches, building things. I also liked to draw and paint. Check out my gallery below.

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First drawing


Snake going up to the mountains

Untitled drawing


Updated 2/12/09