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These sculptures are explorations and meditations on my relationship to nature, family, and life with hopefully just a bit of humor and whimsy. Most are made of cut, carved, nailed, screwed, glued, and painted wood with a few other materials thrown in here and there.

Scroll and click on images below for larger images and more information. Included are a selection of available works as well as other work now in private collections. Works shown are only guaranteed available as of the last update.

 Fish Story," at right, was inspired by time I have spent kayaking on the ocean of Kauai, and many close encounters with sea creatures large and small. It's about the feelings a person has in such an encounter- surprise, wonder, fear- but also about what the animal may be thinking. As in a "fish story" in which the fish becomes bigger than the truth, and gets bigger each time the story is told, I felt the fish represents those things that dwell in the depths- of the ocean but also our minds and hearts- that sometimes seem larger and more frightening than they really are. This piece was an entry in a local group exhibition in which each work was made from a 2"x 4"x 8' piece of lumber. Winner of the Judge's Award in that show, the piece now resides in the Netherlands (Thank you Niek!).

"Fish Story," 2001 acrylic on wood, 30"x22", Private Collection.

Installation views. Photos by Niek B.

Available sculptures - updated February 27, 2006


Other recent works are available as well as selected works from past series. Contact the artist for more information.

Recent sculptures in private collections

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